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Adult Personals

Just as newspaper classified ads were a popular dating tool a decade ago, todays online personals work exactly the same way but with the added bonus of reaching a far larger number of people.

With most online adult personals, you can post your photo along with a 'profile' about yourself. Many online adult personals services provide preset profile forms with questions about age, occupation, education, where you live, religion, smoking preferences, children, activities and interests. The profile usally contains a personal essay portion written in your own words where you can have very speccifc criteria for your search (eg. must be 42 year old french hemaphrodite, non-smoking dwarf baker) or be more general and cast a wider net (eg. must be breathing). Make it brief, honest and engaging.

This is a list of the top online dating sites:

Ensure that your adult personals photo is a good shot of your face and upper body and make sure the picture looks like you. Invest some energy on your picture as it will be the first thing other people look at, and remember that a good smile goes a long way and unlike your mug shot it's perfectly appropriate to do so. You really don't want to post a picture of yourself with your arm around what could be your ex or your mother. Although photo's are optional, they are recommended as many relationship seekers simply skip the ads with no photos and seem to mistrust why the advertiser has not provided one. You will need a screen name (nickname) to identify yourself with. Be creative, you are advertising yourself so pick something original that will be attention getting.

Getting hooked up with an online adult personals service is as easy as signing in, providing your profile, and paying a fee (if the service isn't free). The oldest and largest internet adult personals site is For those with salaries over $100,000 there is One of the best sites is, which was founded by a clinical psycologist and attempts to weed out losers and liars through personality testing. For potential sexual partners use or If you are seeking married women only for one dollar you can join

There are many free adult personals sites available to find like-minded singles and other sites that offer free trials or allow you stay free as long as you don't write to anyone first. When looking for a good adult personals site to join, find one that looks good, has easily understood directions and has plenty of members. How the site is presented will give you a feel for the values that site emphasises. For example if you don't want pornographic messages avoid sites with "adult" content. Or if religion is not on your criteria you will not be interested in When choosing the site or sites you are going to use, be very aware of the level of confidentiality offered as it will vary. For any site that claims to be free do not give out your credit card or phone number to gain access to that site. In the instance of pay-for service read the fine print. As in all things just use your common sense.


Best Dating Sites

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# 2 - Lavalife
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# 5 - Christian Cafe
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