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Best Dating Sites
Christian Cafe


American Singles Dating Sites

The ever increasing popularity of online dating now means it is just as easy to meet people from around the world as it is to meet people from around the corner. However as anyone who has ever had a long distance relationship can tell you, it is much more satisfying to date locally and almost every single person searching for companionship, love or marriage is seeking someone with shared values and cultural similarities.

This means that the majority of single dating Americans want to find a fellow American to share their time, life and love with. With innumerable dating sites available on the Internet, many of which cater to a number of specialized groups, say for example Christians or musicians, of course there are sites created especially for the American singles. America, 'land of the free and home of the brave', is seen by many people around the globe as the most desirable place on earth to live with its liberties, diversity and riches. Thus making American singles very desirable on the dating scene both at home and abroad.

Some of the best American Singles Dating Sites include:

  • has over 7 million members the vast majority being from the United States. They offer a free trail period and then it costs $15.00 per month or more for a premium membership.

  • is based on American individuals who value spiritual growth and healthy lifestyles.

  • is a completely free personal ads only service that offers an interesting variety of membership groups like American Military Singles, Japanese American Singles, Booty Call (forget about marriage with this one), Biracial Americans or Black on White American Singles.

  •, which is ranked 'best on the web' by is a Canadian cyber dating service (yes they do have computers up in Canada now) that caters strongly to Americans


Best Dating Sites

Christian Cafe
Easy Flirt USA

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