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Best Dating Sites
Christian Cafe


Best Dating Sites

It's great to meet people through friends, work or shared interests but the computer age has produced the next generation of personal ads and dating services. Welcome to the booming business of online dating. No longer just the domain of the computer nerd or late night chatter, online dating has become big business in the twenty first century.

This is a list of the top online dating sites:
Christian Cafe
Easy Flirt USA

In January 2002 eleven million people visited online dating sites and just over a year later in May 2003 that number had risen to forty five million which was almost fifty percent of all single American adults. Since then cyber dating has taken off and is not just the young persons medium. Today, if you Google "online dating services" you will hit almost 15,000,000 sites.

The top users of online dating sites are women aged thirty five to forty five, followed by men in the same age group, with the next biggest group being both men and women aged forty five to fifty five. More men than women are using cyberspace to find significant relationships.

The number of websites catering to singles and offering dating services is so huge and growing daily it can be overwhelming to navigate the path to true love. There are services available that target certain special interest groups like age, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. There are well known sites like,, There are local services and world wide sites. Lavalife is an example of an online dating site that includes services for men who want to meet men or women who want to meet women and was started for Jewish singles. Internet connections are popular with the Baby Boomers who circle of friends have dwindled. But there is something for everyone: Christians, cowboys, vegans, dog lovers, gymnasts, turtle lovers, Asians, Friends of the Earth, Star Trek fans, mechanics, beer drinkers, snail farmers, Russian royalty and several too creepy to mention. You name it and there will be an internet dating group just for you.

There are many advantages to connecting on the internet. It is immediate, with instant opportunities just a click away. You now have access to intimacy in remote places or for isolated individuals who can't get out due to physical limitations or illness. You can connect 24/7 from the comfort of your home and best of all you are in control of when, where and who you connect with. Computer contact can allow time and the safety for a relationship to develop more slowly. And compared to live dating or using a matchmaking service, computer dating is far less costly too.

The downsides of computer dating can mostly be avoided by using common sense. The most important precaution is do not give out any personal information that can physically lead to you -period. Set up a free e-mail account using a different screen name than used for other purposes. Most people are decent human beings but as with other types of dating there will be a few married types, a few fetish freaks and yes the occasional felon. Since anybody can be anything in cyberspace don't believe everything you read. Not everyone will be honest about who they are and you need to be extremely wary of liars and con artists. Just use your common sense and if you get that hinky feeling that something is not right, it probably isn't. On the flip side of the coin, you need to be honest about who you are as well. When meeting a cyber date in the flesh do so in a public place and take a friend along.

There are all types of dating services online for free, as well as pay per service, but whether you are interested in friendship, romance, marriage or one night stands, with any stigmatism attached to internet dating long gone, there's no need to sit at home alone. Join the millions of other people just like you, who have already jumped onboard with modern dating practices and have come out of it with a real live new person in their lives. Go on, have some fun.

Best Dating Sites

# 1 -
# 2 - Lavalife
# 3 - eHarmony
# 4 -
# 5 - Christian Cafe
# 6 -
# 7 - Matchmaker 



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