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If you are not submitting a personal ad under the categories of straight, gay, or lesbian, you may run into some problems. There are many people out there who identify themselves as being bisexual, but they can run into roadblocks when signing up for online dating. If this is you, you may have to look around for the right site for your needs. You can fight with the big sites, and perhaps you should, but find a few places where you can freely place your ad just like anyone else in the meantime. Otherwise, you could be waiting for a long time to get started.

Be clear about your bisexuality in your personal ads. As you know, some who are bisexual have a preference for one sex, but they have found that they can also have a satisfying relationship with the other sex. That should not preclude them from finding others of the same thinking with whom to have a relationship. That can happen if you are caught up in a snag because some dating sites refuse to believe that bisexual is a category. If you are clear about your preferences, your personal ads should be put up without trouble, but keep an eye on things.

You may have trouble knowing which sites are bisexual friendly when you first look around. It can be hard to tell without signing up, but some will not allow you to sign up without paying first. It can be expensive to sign up for site after site only to find out your ad can not be bisexual. Some sites are very upfront about their limitations, and those niche sites are often not for you anyway. If you have questions but do not want to pay to find out how accepting a site will be, send an email first to see if you get a response. What you do with the information you get is up to you.

The whole point of a personal ad is to be honest and up front about what you want and what you are seeking. Do not place a misleading ad to try to get around the policies of a dating web site that does not seem welcoming to bisexual ads. Instead, find readily accepting sites first and place your ad so you can get out there and start dating. Then, if you want to fight with the other sites, go ahead and do so. That way, you are not putting your dating life on hold.



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