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College Singles

Dating in college can be a lot of fun, and it can also be very hard. It all depends on what you want in a relationship and where you find people to date. If you are looking for a serious relationship, it might be harder to find one during college in comparison to how it might be when you are 28. If you want to find someone for a more casual relationship, you could find many great people right away, but not everyone in that age group is honest. Use care when dating, especially when you have decided that you want to find someone through an online dating site.

Those looking for a long term or serious relationship while searching college singles have a task in front of them. For one, many in college are just getting out on their own for the first time and getting a taste of personal freedom. They may not want to be tied down right away. Some are less than honest, and are learning about how to deal with the opposite sex. Some may say they are okay with a serious relationship, but they just want someone for casual dating. Make sure you learn how to tell the difference before you get your heart broken too many times.

There are also those that will place ads on college dating sites when they have never been to college or are no where near that typical college age. They want to date someone much younger, so they decide to pretend they are in school to get the interest of such people. Make sure you always ask for pictures of college singles, and see more than one. Ask the right questions to be sure they are in college, and always have first and even second meetings in very public places. If they have nothing to hide from you, they will not mind any of those things.

On the flip side, if you are out for fun and casual dating, but a serious relationship is the last thing on your mind, be upfront about that in your ad. There are plenty of great college singles that want those very same things and will be willing to date you if you are honest. Though some casual relationships naturally turn serious, don't assume someone is wanting more than what they are stating in their profile. Perhaps of all the categories of singles, college age are the most likely to lie a bit, so just remember that, stay honest, and use common sense.



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