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Dating Direct - #6 Best Dating Site

If you live in the UK, or would love to relocate there, Dating Direct is the dating site for you. This site has been around for quite some time, and boasts about five million members at any given time. With that many singles online, your chances of finding that right person are high, and Dating Direct is always looking for new ways to enhance the experience of using their service so that you can find your match through them.

Unlike some other dating sites, Dating Direct offers a few different compatibility tests that you can take to be sure you are making the right connections through their site. While these are never fool-proof and sometimes do not work at all, most of these do help you in at least some small way to move in the right direction. They are always worth the time when you seem to be struggling with finding the right person instead of all of the wrong ones.

Another great aspect of Dating Direct is that they do not blindly allow just anyone on the site. They have at least half of their staff working diligently to ensure that all new members are on the up and up and that the rules of the site are being followed to the letter. This means members are more likely to be honest about intentions, who they are, and what they are searching for through Dating Direct. Not all people who are not what they seem in their profile can be caught right away, but it is nice to know that a site takes the time to do what they can do to make your online dating experience a good one.

Dating Direct allows you to sign up for free so that you can take a look to see if the site is right for you. Not all dating web sites are right for everyone, even when they are top notch sites. Everyone has different needs, and Dating Direct wants you to be sure. Once you have seen what they have to offer, you can then look through their subscription options to see what works for you and how much you want to commit to your new online dating endeavor.

Once you are a member, you can contact other members through their system and even through instant messenger. Remember to keep it safe and on the site at first, as you never know who you are talking to. Once you have established good communication, you can then decide if the person is the right one for you and if you would like to test that out in person.


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