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E- Harmony - #3 Top Dating Review

When it comes to online dating sites, eHarmony is probably one of which you have heard and considered using. Not only does eHarmony have a big online presence, they also have television commercials that air quite often. This does not mean they are the best, of course, but it does lean towards them being profitable enough to afford this type of advertising. You can not be that profitable if you are not successful. When you are serious about online dating and finding that right person, eHarmony should definitely be on your short list of sites to try.

The dating site eHarmony offers what they call the Compatibility Matching System. This is a matching system that can set you up with matches that are based on 29 Dimensions TM of your personality. This is a scientific process which help you find matches that are going to be more compatible right from the start. That can save you a lot of time searching and connecting with the wrong people. Looks are important, but being compatible through personality and beliefs is even more important. This narrows down your choices to those better suited to who you are and how you live your life.

If you have been dating for any amount of time, you know that it is not always easy to know how to get started, or proceed once you have found someone you think may be a good match. At eHarmony, you have the advantage of an expert in relationships and dating. You can find all the advice that you may need to proceed. This includes how to start a conversation, what you should be asking and what is worthless conversation, and how to decide if someone really is a match for your personality. Some matches are good on paper but do not work once the connection is made. You can also find advice on being real about who you are. Misrepresenting yourself can doom a potentially great match.

When you sign up for eHarmony, you can take the compatibility test they offer, and then get your personality results. This can tell you a lot about yourself of which you did not know, and can also help you decide what would really work best for you in the way of what type of person you seek for a relationship. You can search the site on your own, or you can use their system which will go through the millions of members for you to find those most compatible according to your test results. You can go through your matches for free, and then choose your membership package if you decide eHarmony is the right site for you.


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