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Foreign Brides

There are online services available to help you find a bride from another culture or country. Sometimes called 'mail order brides' this is a very interesting form of cyber dating but fraught with pitfalls if you don't know what you are doing as involving foreign governments can become a very complicated business very quickly.

Foreign brides come from everywhere: European countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Columbia, the Philippines, Australia, India, Peru and Asia just to name a few. You can pretty much find the partner of your choice from any country in the world if you know where to look. Most of the sites dedicated to foreign brides have long term successful international relations with the types of services they offer widely varied. Some are very basic and offer only personal ads, whereas others are far more comprehensive and take you through every step of the process starting with finding you a marriage minded single, the dating, the wedding ceremony, immigration, adjustments to the new country and the marriage afterwards.

Finding a bride from another country is easy with the help of the internet but keeping one happy is an altogether different matter. When you chose to share your life with someone from another culture you are opening yourself up to a whole new way of doing things and you and your bride are going to need ongoing support to successfully overcome these differences. For examples, dating rituals widely differ from culture to culture, so do wedding traditions or there may be a language barrier where your chosen mate doesn't understand a word you say. Some sites provide translators for this very purpose. For an individual to leave everything they know and move to a strange new world a lot of patience and sensitivity will be needed to ease the transition. It takes time to assimilate into a new culture and won't happen as soon as she steps off the plane.

One of the most important issues that a full service site can offer is assistance in procuring a "fiancÚ visa" which allows your bride into your country in preparation for marriage. You are advised to use a website that is IMBR approved when you are dealing with foreign brides and all the paperwork that will entail. IMBR is the International Marriage Broker Regulation**. This is legislation passed under the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act (USA) that forces all men to provide a minimal criminal background check and full disclosures of marital history prior to having any access to foreign women on the Internet. If you do not use an online service that has this accreditation you will have a much more difficult time bringing your intended into the States regardless of the reason.

Here are some examples of online sites dedicated to foreign brides:

  • An international site that deals with connections to Latin American and Asian women

  • Internationally helps marriage minded singles from all over the world find partners for matrimony.

  • cherryblossoms One of the oldest personal ads services started in Hawaii thirty years ago and the first dating service (pre internet) that used photographs with personal ads

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to use this site and it offers full services that include:

    • online gift shop and delivery to anywhere in the world

    • tours (both group and individual available) to visit foreign places and meet eligible women face to face

    • executive services align you with a private consultant to help you with your search and capture

    • financial advice

    • travel arrangements and assistance with visa permits

    • translations especially helpful with e-mail and phone communications

    • seminars and counseling

To help you more easily navigate your way to finding your soul mate, excellent reference material is readily available on several sites at no charge. Called the Foreign Bride Guide or Mail Order Bride Guide these will answer many questions, provide solid advice and likely save you from frustration or despair.

**For More Information about Intermational Marriage Broker Regulation and U.S. Immigration please visit


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