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If you've ever heard the expression "there is no such thing as a free lunch", you like many others, are probably trying to figure out just how 'free' the free dating sites actually are. The web is full of competition in the online dating market. There are so many options available on the Internet for cyber dating it can become a bit confusing and overwhelming when trying to choose the site or sites that are best suited to your purposes.

First off, always remember that you and you alone are responsible for your own safety online just as you are when you are offline. Sites can mislead, exploit and bring about financial crisis. Always, always, always read everything thoroughly including and especially the fine print before committing any personal or financial information. The better sites have safety and security measures in place but you still want to check the terms of use and privacy policies. For dating sites that require a membership fee, the money from the paid memberships support the site whereas the completely free services do not have that income and the site will be loaded with advertising to pay its way. Some sites have become little more than platforms for mass marketing by giant corporations.

You will find sites that are 100% free and do not require a credit card number for use. Some sites allow you to join for free, post your profile and view other members but require payment before you are permitted any personal contact by phone, email or text messaging. Other sites require you to pay a monthly membership fee which is automatically billed to your account. In fact whether or not you are actively using the site, be aware that some services will continue to bill you until you actually cancel your membership. There are also places that will charge you up front before you are even allowed on site. The costs involved in online dating vary widely from service to service, so pay attention and shop around. Also there is nothing to stop you from joining more than one agency at a time.

Do your research. It's as easy as typing Free Dating Services into your favorite search engine. Look for sites, whether they are free or not, that do not spam, do not trade, distribute or sell your private information to other organizations or people. Use a professional agency that does not charge for profile registration so you can browse and find profiles for free before committing any hard earned cash. Trust your instincts; find a site that is appeals to your style, is relaxed and has great customer service. Some argue that with the free agencies you don't often get top quality services but that is for you to decide. Free lunch anyone?


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