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Friend Finder

Friend Finder is one of the smaller dating web sites out there, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. They are closing in on two million members at the present time, making the experience you have on this site a bit more intimate. It may not be for someone from a smaller town looking for someone local, but it could be the prefect spot for someone who lives in a more urban or populated area. You will find matches here more quickly than on some other sites, with options those bigger sites can not offer.

One great feature of Friend Finder (besides the different countries or categories from which you can choose) is that they have a vast selection of helpful dating and relationship articles. Many of these are posted and written by those that use the site – they offer their own unique perspective on dating. Some of these will not interest you, but you would be surprised at what you can learn just by reading someone else's experiences and advice. They also offer a free relationship workshop after you have become a member.

Friend Finder has a vast blogging section. This can be helpful to members in many ways. For one, like the articles mentioned above, you can learn a lot about relationships and dating by reading through these. Each person has their own experience to share with you. If you have been married or off the market for any amount of time, and are back to the dating world again, you may find things have changed so much you have no idea what you are doing. These blogs can help you stay current. You can also get an insight into someone you are interested in if you find they have a blog on Friend Finder.

Friend Finder has a video section. This makes browsing for singles so much easier. You can search in the common way, by filling out the search section with your preferences, but you can also look with the same criteria through the video section. Watching someone talk about themselves and what they are looking for can be far more useful than reading a paragraph and looking at a photo. This may make it easier for you to decide if you have found the right type of person before you contact them. You can add your own video if you wish after you have become a member and add whatever information you think is relevant.

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