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Best Dating Sites
Christian Cafe

Relationships and finding love can be hard, but it can be even harder when you are gay. There are many stereotypes through which you must fight, and some traditional dating sites or activities are not geared towards someone not looking for the male and female union. That is why is a great place to go if you are gay and want to find any type of relationship. This site helps with dating, but has a whole lot more to offer. This is a place to go when other sites or situations are not working out, and you want somewhere to go that feels like it was made just for you. has a variety of new and updated features that can make using the site so much easier. You can find what you are searching for much quicker and with less confusion. They have a new communication center that includes private email accounts, instant messenger access, and chat. You can also browse faster if you use the mini profile feature. When you see a picture or profile of interest, you can simply hold your mouse over the area to get a small pop-up that gives you the basic facts that can help you decide if you want to read more.

Best Gay Personals Sites

You can use the regular search, or you can use the quick search. This has fewer options but works much faster. Some search for profiles and want very limited results, but some want to have broader results so they can take their time to see all of the potential that is out there. With quick search, all you enter is who you are looking for, age range, country, and state. You can also choose between those with or without photos and those that are currently online. You can also see your other search options right there if you find the quick search is not quite what you thought it would be. has two different membership options. One is free and one has a fee. The free membership offers you your own profile and the ability to search through the profiles of others. You get basic but limited use of the email system, and you can join group chat. You can also use the private message system. If you pay for your membership, you get so much more. You can see full-sized, premium, and private photographs of other members, unlimited email access, and live help. You can also block a troublesome member, see who is attracted to you, and you can find out who has been viewing your profile

Best Dating Sites

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# 2 - Lavalife
# 3 - eHarmony
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# 5 - Christian Cafe
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# 7 - Matchmaker 



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