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There are a few things in this world that can be deal breakers in intimate and exclusive relationships. Some of these things are weeded out right away, and other things come up later. Cheating is one thing that can break the best of relationships, especially if it is something that is repeated. However, that is not something you could predict with much accuracy when you are getting to know someone. Someone may change their personality so much that the person you fell in love with disappears, but again, this is not something you can foresee. Religious differences, however, are things you can pick out early. If you get that right before you begin, you don't have to deal with any troublesome differences at a later date.

Some people of different relations can date each other without a problem. They may not practice their religion very actively, or they may be very open to other points of view and do not mind sharing in beliefs that may be new to them. These people have long and happy relationships or marriages if they talk about things before they get serious. For example, some of the Jewish faith and the Christian faith can marry if they decide to celebrate both sets of holidays, or none. It is not common, but it does happen and can work for the right couple.

Otherwise, many who are strong in their faith want to find those who share the same beliefs to avoid those problems. They feel someone that believes differently than them would not make a good match simply because relationships are hard enough without adding those pronounced differences between the two partners. Some relations simply do not match up well, and some that should be okay together end up being problematic. If you are worried and your religion means a lot to you, go for someone of the same faith and leave it at that.

Your best bet, if your religion means the world to you, is to find a niche dating site that will offer you singles and dating options with those who have the same beliefs. You can find these sites everywhere online whether you are Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Jewish, or of any other religion. If you already know all of the singles on such a site are of the same belief system as you, you can then concentrate on other aspects of dating such as finding those with the same passions and interests as you so that you can meet that someone special.

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