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Single Parents Dating

One of the hardest things to do as a single parent is to get out there and meet someone special. Being a parent should not preclude anyone from finding love again, but it certainly makes it harder. It is not just about the parent any longer, as the children must always be considered in any dating situation. It is hard to make time for a new relationship when you have children, especially younger ones. Because it can be so hard to get out, more and more single parents are using online dating sites to meet those they might like to date.

When you are dating as a single parent, you have to be sure that those you are contacting know that. While it might not seem fair, but some people do not want to date someone with children. You could meet someone wonderful, but if you spring your children on them at a later date, and that is not something they wanted in life at the moment, you are going to lose them. You may think that if you fall in love and they fall in love with you that they are going to be okay with your children no matter how they may have felt otherwise. Some single parents have learned the hard way that this is not always the case. Save yourself the heartache and be upfront about your children. You want a date who is open to them anyway.

Another thing to remember with single parenting is that these relationships can go much more slowly because parents do not have the free time to devote to a new relationship that childless singles may have. They have other things that must be of more importance. They do not want to mess around either. If you say that you want a long term relationship, mean it when talking with single parents. If you are looking for something more casual, don't waste their time by lying to them.

There are special dangers with single parent dating online. You should not allow things to scare you off, but instead be wary of what could happen and use that to protect yourself and your family. Some who have less than honorable intentions towards children may look for single moms online to date them. They do not really care about the moms, but see them as a way to get free access to their children. This is a rare occurrence, but make sure you know someone very well and keep your children out of the picture until you are sure the relationship is going to work and is the real thing.


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