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UK Dating

Cyber dating is just as hot and exciting in the United Kingdom as it is in North America right now. From all over the British Isles the Scots, the Brits, the Welsh and the Irish are signing up online to explore exciting new personal relationships.

The best place to start is which has a comprehensive list of dating sites in the UK; encompassing such categories as seniors dating, teenage dating, single parents, married dating, alternative dating (e.g. gay), religion based, world brides or dating by special interest groups (e.g. bird watchers), date by occupation, date by town or country, type of pet and many more. is a full service site that along with providing dating advice and direction is a large social network with chat rooms, email, photos, videos, music and blogs as well as member profiles.

Best UK Dating Sites

Although cyber dating has really grabbed a hold in Great Britain with all age groups, internet dating in the UK is just starting to catch up to North America with demand and new web sites are popping up everyday. Two of the newest UK dating sites can be found at and . One of the largest and completely free sites is Two brand new sites currently under development and merit keeping a watch on are and It can be fun and rewarding using a brand new dating site; first come, first serve, right?

Unless you are just looking for a pen pal you are well advised to shop for your new relationships close to home as there are huge and obvious disadvantages to long distance dating. With one party living in Alaska and the other in the Channel Islands what's the point in dating when there will be no physical intimacy in the relationship. However on the other hand, distance can be a very effective contraceptive. Be honest about your personal info as it is now mandatory to correctly state which country you are in when using the internet or your profile/account will be removed. Know that most sites also now have security policies and privacy protection and those that do not should be avoided completely if it involves ecommerce. So as curious as you may be to find out what really is under a Scotsman kilt, unless you live within a hundred mile radius this is a relationship that is destined to remain in the friendship category forever.


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